Born and bred as a sixth and last child with all male siblings, at Butterworth, but considers my parents' home town, Cala, as my home town.

I write proletariat literature or working class literature. I'm employed as a clerk in the Cape Town City Council (Ward 89 Office) and an LLB student at UNISA.

I have been writing fictious books since 2005, unpublished, thus having scribed for the past decade-and-a-half year. I got into citizen journalism in 2007, as a writer for an online newspaper called 

I have a self-published novella based on environment titled "The Outward-Bound" issed in February 2016 and an ebook of short stories "Four In One"

My extramural activities include writing, reading, playing chess (not a master), watching association football on TV and supports Arsenal. I am also learning crotching, Lol.





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