My Manifesto


I am a fiction writer and this is my manifesto. 

Writing creates a conduit, a channel that guides and gives focus to an otherwise chaotic spillway of thoughts.

In the next ten years, I will:


Publish works in print, audiobooks and digital books

I respect the power of language because I am a craftsman of words,

   so some of my works will have a vernacular translation. 

Write and publish works that will attract readers from different social classes

Write and publish to share and conscientise the citizens

Write about what would rarely be found in bookshops and libraries.

Write progressive propaganda which will depict the societal ills and make sense of that

   which appears not to be.

Publish to share my readworthy creation of work because I take pride in fine craftsmanship.


I honour those who have come before me, but I recognize that we all drink from the same potent river of timeless wisdom, a place from which all writers quote.

The perspective in my work will add value to the life of my reader.

I know that others read with anticipation because, as I’ve learned first hand, finding someone who sees the world through our eyes gives validation to our very existence.

I am a craftsman of words, and this is my manifesto


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